How to Check the Privacy Policies of your iPhone Apps
We will cover how to check the privacy policies of your iPhone apps. We will also tell you the methods and steps required in order to check the privacy policies of your iPhone apps.

There are tons of applications in the market right now. Most of them are found on applications such as the App Store for iPhone devices and Play Store for Android. All the mobile applications on these applications go through the process of creating a privacy policy. A privacy policy is a legal document created by the developers of the application describing the ways in which the entity collects, uses and manage the data of the customer or client.

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In a technological world where security is a necessity, going through the privacy policies help you understand how an application is using your data and information and then you can decide whether or not to use that application. Let us look at how to check the privacy policies of your iPhone apps.

How to check the Privacy Policies of your iPhone Apps

In the year of June 2020, Apple launched the Privacy labels for an application that are present on the App Store and also for the third party application. This made it mandatory for the applications to have a privacy policy on their applications. Therefore, you can find the privacy policies of an application by following the steps given below:

  1. On our iPhone, open up the App Store application by navigating through the application menu.
  2. Now, Look for the application whose privacy policy you want to look into.
  3. Scroll down till you reach “Ratings” and “App Description“.
  4. You will have the option of “App Privacy“. Tap on the option.
  5. Now, tap on the “See Details” options. This option enables you to see everything about the privacy policy and how your data is being tracked and managed.

By following the steps, you would have access to the complete privacy policy that is provided by the developers. In this section, you just learned how you can check the privacy policies of your iPhone apps on the device itself. In the next section, we would cover how you can do the same but on your personal browser.

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How to check the Privacy Policies of your iPhone apps on your Browser

As the privacy policy is made in order to be available to the users across platforms, it is often made accessible through simple Google Search. Let us now look into how we can use a browser to check the privacy policies of your iPhone apps.

  1. Open your personal browser.
  2. Search for the application in the following format: App Store “Application Name“.
  3. Find the official application link and click on it.
    Most often the first link would be the one.
  4. Scroll down and you will be able to find the “Privacy” label that will be located below the “Reviews” section.
  5. Click on the option of “See Details” if you want to see the complete run down or the complete details about the privacy policy.

Follow these steps and you would be able to check the privacy policies of your iPhone apps on your personal browser.

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What is being tracked

The question arises of why is the data being tracked by the application. Apple stated that the privacy policy that is introduced has made it mandatory for the developers to tell the users about the three parts in which their data is being tracked. Apple has made it quite transparent about the information of what is tracked and what is not.

These three parts are:

  1. Data involved in tracking your information. How is your data being utilized by the application system?
  2. Data that is linked or attached to your personal account. Your personal data is being stored.
  3. Data that is in no way linked or attached to you.

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This article covers information about the privacy policies of App Store applications. At the same time, it tells you about the methods through which you can check the privacy policies of your iPhone apps. We cover the first method of finding the privacy policy through a mobile device and the second method of finding privacy policies through a web browser. Finally, we tell you about the data and the different types of data that is being tracked by the developer.

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