Best Microscope for Students in India from Best Microscope Brands

Cheap and Best Microscope for Students in India from Best Microscope Brands.

Here is Cheap and Best Microscope for Students in India from Indian Brands Suitable for Students and Beginners, for medical students, for research, for laboratory, for biology experiments, microbiology etc.

About The Best Microscope for Students

This Easy-To-Use and Affordable Quality Student Microscope is one of the best Student Microscope Kit for ICSE and CBSE Students of Class 8, Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12 students. It is also suitable for Medical Students.

This microscope is best for school students from elementary to high school. The LED Substage and mirror light allows you to see various elements like blood sample, bacteria or any kind of elements which can be put onto Microscope Slides.

A Set 50 Prepared Slides are included in the Kit which comprises of 50 different and high diversity of specimen which includes all topics till class 12th in ICSE and CBSE Board Syllabus in India.

Features and Specs of ESAW SM-02 Student Compound Microscope

  • Wide-field: 10x and 15x objectives
  • Magnification: 100x to 675x
  • 6 Magnification Settings: 100x, 150x, 450x, 675x, 1000x and 1500x
  • Clear Magnification till 1500x can be achieved
  • 50 Blank Slides included in the kit to help students prepare their own specimen
  • Coarse and Fine Motion Knobs present on both the sides for ease of use
  • Anti-fungal, anti reflection coated optics
  • A Cleaning Cloth and Dust cover is provided to store the Microscope conveniently
  • Nicely packed in Styrofoam enclosure with box and instruction manual
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty (Excluding any Breakage)

Video: Cheap and Best Microscope for Students in India

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